Issues with windows 10 latest update

Issues with windows 10 latest update

Postby aaronpawlak » 09 Apr 2018, 16:53


I'm starting to encounter pretty consistent errors with scrivener and the latest Windows 10 update. The easiest one to reproduce is to begin writing in 'full screen' mode. Usually right away contextual menus (right click menus, and even normal menus) begin to go buggy. Blank boxes appear instead of the correct menu. It seems it is a type of hang. I've noticed that if you just let it sit for thirty seconds or so the menu sometimes populates. Once this bug happens, it happens throughout the entire windows system, even after scrivener is closed. It is usually followed by other 'hangs' in software. The specific instances seem almost random. Sometimes windows itself will begin to hang and crash and can only be rescued by a hard reboot.I'm using the latest version of scrivener: and I'm running Windows 10 on Surface Pro 4.I'll keep hunting to see if it is possibly some background operation, but generally speaking I keep that stuff pretty minimal.Any help or conformations would be appreciated.

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