STICKY: About Data Contribution

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STICKY: About Data Contribution

Postby Dilatazu » 27 Feb 2014, 16:16

Data contributors are needed to supply RealmPlayers and RaidStats with data. It works by having people using an wow addon that gathers data while you are playing. The addon is very lightweight and when the contributor closes wow the data can get uploaded to my server using a program named VF_WoWLauncher. The program is also a multi-realm wow launcher with some other nice features such as managing addons, reading server news and downloading updates to RealmPlayers addons. You can read more about WowLauncher here:

The WowLauncher can be used by anyone but to be able to upload/contribute data you need a UserID configured. A UserID is a personal unique ID that i manually create for each person that want to become a data contributor. To get a UserID you have to contact Sethzer through PM on this forum and in the PM include RealmPlayers links to your main characters. Since the data is user submitted it is very important to us that everyone that we grant a UserID can be trusted to not modify any of the files or in other ways try to sabotage. Thus we would like some background on whoever is requesting a UserID. So try to include details of how long you played and if you know anyone that is currently uploading.

After you have sent Sethzer a PM with mentioned details he will look into it as soon as he have the time and given it some thought. If he chooses to trust you he will reply with your personal UserID and further instructions.
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