End of an era

End of an era

Postby Dilatazu » 20 Sep 2015, 11:42

Hey all

After 2 years of solo development with attempts to get people to help out and it never really working out.
I have decided that i just can not keep my own motivation for this project up any more. There are lots of other project ideas i rather startup and work on. Not to mention that i have not been having the time to play any game or otherwise really relax during my "free time" for a year. All i do is work work work and it has caused my real life to suffer due to the constant pressure i put on myself to try get something done every day.

So starting from now i will no longer pressure myself to do any work for realmplayers project.
I will also no longer bend over backwards to try fix issues with the logs and data.
This means that the state everything is working right now is possibly the way it will be for a long time.

However i do not want to abandon the community and after some thinking i came up with the idea to release all sourcecode on github.

I will keep the website and everything running as long as it is not getting in the way of other stuffs i want to do with the server. If people donate or work on the opensource project i will be motivated to continue keeping the server up and running.
I will stay semi active on the forum and answer some questions, if there is something i can do that does not require a lot of my time i will try to do it otherwise sorry.
I will also help out when i have time anyone that have questions regarding the sourcecode and if they have done bugfixes or other changes i will help them merge it into the working version and deploy the new version on the server.

Anyways the code on github:
The main repository here: https://github.com/Dilatazu/RealmPlayers
The addons repository here: https://github.com/Dilatazu/RealmPlayers-Addons

I did my best to provide some history to all changes, since it was previously pretty much a private project the commit comments may not be good and there is not much documentation for most of the stuffs. Some comments might even be in swedish. All passwords or related sensitive things are purged from the history, but if you do find anything i would be very happy if you PM or email me about it.

The license for the project is do whatever you want with the code. Either realmplayers will live on for a long while longer or it will be completely replaced by servers developing their own armory, either way i am happy to have made a dent in the private server community.

Thanks for reading and goodluck.

PS. Sethzer will still be accepting new UserID requests as long as the project lives and naeko is a new forum moderator doing his best answering questions and other stuffs etc.
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