can't upload data

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can't upload data

Postby zhanshen » 18 Nov 2017, 02:03

07:58:02 : Starting to send VF_RealmPlayers Files
07:58:02 : Trying to connect to server...
07:58:02 : Connected to server!
07:59:02 : Sent SavedVariables file "C:\World of Warcraft retro\WTF\Account\***\SavedVariables\VF_RealmPlayers.lua". Waiting for Response...
08:00:02 :
System.Exception: Not Connected
? WowLauncherNetwork.NetworkSender.RecvPacket_VF[T_Data](NetworkClient _Clien
t, WLN_PacketType _PacketType, T_Data& _RetData, TimeSpan _Timeout)
? VF_WoWLauncher.ServerComm.SendAddonData(String _UserID, String _AddonName,
WowVersionEnum _WowVersion, String _ClearLuaVariableName, Int32 _LuaVariableData
LengthThreshold, Boolean& _SentAll)"
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