Warlock mounts on website

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Warlock mounts on website

Postby Hadhanval » 28 Jan 2017, 19:26

When I checked my character (Hahdhanval@VanillaGaming) on the website I noticed that its mounts are not displayed correctly. My warlock only has 1 mount, the warlock 60% mount, which was displayed as a question mark with the label "unknown mount" on it. To make sure the issue wasn't only with my character, I checked the accounts of one of the warlocks on my server, Staa@VanillaGaming, and saw that his warlock mount (the 100% one) appears as an error as well but his Quirajii mount shows as normal. This shows that the issue is only with warlock mounts.

From this I concur that the problem is due to warlock mounts not being items in Vanilla Wow, rather they are spells that the player has to earn, which creates a bug when the website is trying to display them.
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