Reduced dps in uploads?

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Reduced dps in uploads?

Postby Joma » 02 Jun 2017, 00:34

Hello, I am currently playing on Hellfire 2, a tbc-server. Just did SSC and killed lurker. The uploaded dps seem to be wrong, but the ranking and % done in the fight is correct. I have no clue why.
Here is a link to the picture of the real dps:
And here is the upload: ... 40&Fight=0

Would appreciate all the help I could get conserning this issue.

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Re: Reduced dps in uploads?

Postby Sethzer » 03 Jun 2017, 11:11

Pretty sure the logs are correct and recount and just the recount window not showing correct.
Guessing it sometimes not adding time when there is nothing to dps, like Lurker submerge and raid waiting for adds to position and possibly for when adds are down and waiting for Lurker to reappear or so.

If you check the logs, the actual damage done is correct on both and if you notice the boss timer at 673 seconds, you can calculate it yourself.
743,775 damage, divided by boss timer at 673 seconds, equals a DPS of about 1,105 DPS
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