AQ40 Logs: Separate optional and no-optional clear speeds

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AQ40 Logs: Separate optional and no-optional clear speeds

Postby washburn1 » 13 Aug 2017, 22:29


First of all I would like to specify that this post is not intended to put-down Dreamstate, and I would congratulate them on their recent speedrun. However, upon noticing that their time was now #1 on the AQ40 raid speeds,[1] I also noticed that their run skipped the optional bosses.[2] The time presented on the instance speed records is 40 minutes for Skeram -> C'Thun.

In contrast, Vanguard's run[3] (Which is currently #2) and Synced's run[4] (Currently #4) are both clears where they did not skip optionals, i.e. the bosses are killed in order, C'Thun last (40 minutes and 49 minutes resp.)

Unfortunately and obviously, the Vanguard and Synced times are not comparable to the Dreamstate and ONSLAUGHT times, yet they are all contained within the same table.

My suggestion is that some method by which we can discern those optional runs from non-optional runs should be implemented.

One solution to this is a note added next to the DS and ONSLAUGHT runs saying "No Optional" or viceversa for the Optional clears. Another solution is to add a second table for AQ40 speeds, then make one for Optional runs and the other for No-Optionals.

The Vanguard and Synced clear speeds should be entirely separate to the DS and ONSLAUGHT clearspeeds as their kill order is completely different, but equally as viable! Just as in speedrunning, there are 100% and Any% categories, I would like to suggest that an equivalent be implemented for Optionals and No-Optionals runs. This suggestion may also be applicable for other instances, but I believe AQ40 is a good place to get started.


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