WoW Launcher Issue

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WoW Launcher Issue

Postby aaronpawlak » 05 Mar 2018, 14:03


Sometimes it opens up the launcher and tells me I need to update wow even though I know it's up to date. Other times it allows me to log in to the two accounts but when in game I have no overlays. Another time I selected play and it just freezes there saying it's launching. Lastly it won't even open up the launcher but in my task manager I notice a background process of "World of Warcraft Setup (32bit)" pop up. Nothing else happens.I've tried finding answers to these issues but every answer I have seen and tried to do doesn't seem to change anything. It's just odd seeing as I haven't changed how I am setting up the character set but I am getting many different errors. So I just have no clue what's going wrong. I have even tried MiRai's suggestion of patching Inner Space.I can get it to work 100% if I select to load the character sets with default profile but when I do everything the same but choose launcher I get the errors.

please help

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