XBMC YouTube addon is "broken", work for anyone else?

XBMC YouTube addon is "broken", work for anyone else?

Postby aaronpawlak » 03 May 2018, 16:56


YouTube is a big part of my media experience, so after buying a Pi with hopes to use it as a media center, I was slightly disappointed to see that the YouTube addon for XBMC was broken. I have it working on Raspbian but that's not very ideal having to switch OS all the time.It is labeled "Broken" on the XBMC addon repository, and if you attempt to install, it will show "Dependencies not met"After checking the debug log, there are 2 problems which may be the cause, one is missing something called common cache and parsedom, the latter I cannot find anywhere. The other is texture manager failing to load logo.png.It appears "Broken" on OpenELEC, Raspbmc and Xbian, but is perfectly fine on my PC.
I know it has worked on XBMC before because it's all I can see if I google it, but no results for this problem.There is one thing that leads me to believe I am doing something wrong, and that is the fact that the exact same problem (dependencies not met) happens with another plugin which has confirmed compatibility for Raspberry Pi and people have had it working quite recently (past few days)Does anyone know why this is happening, and does anyone have it working?A fix would be very nice, I feel my media center lacking without YouTube.

Please help.

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