Add SymmetryWOW PvE Server

Add SymmetryWOW PvE Server

Postby stevospeedo » 24 Sep 2018, 01:34

Please add SymmetryWOW PvE Server. Although it is a small server, it has a few active raid guilds. Many of the players came here from Darrowshire PvE when Elysium/Lightshope merged them into a PvP server.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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Re: Add SymmetryWOW PvE Server

Postby Xenus » 27 Sep 2018, 15:36

Hi there,

I have a question - is it still possible to upload raids on realmplayers?
According to web last raid on "all servers" was recorded on April.
Currently im playing on Northdale server and I would LOVE to able upload stats again.

Thx in advance for any info :).

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